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Continuum of Care (CCRC) FAQs
  • What levels of care are provided at Covenant Living at the Holmstad?
  • Senior living at Covenant Living at the Holmstad means living independently while having on-site access to a comprehensive menu of health care services and long-term care. We meet the needs of our residents by providing the following levels of care:

    • Residential Living (Independent Living)
    • Catered Living (when you need a little help, but aren’t ready for assisted living)
    • Assisted Living
    • Assisted Living Dementia
    • Skilled Nursing
  • Who qualifies for independent living?
  • Anyone who is capable of handling their own care and coordinating services is welcome. We offer a range of attractive apartment, cottage and duplex homes to suit your independent living lifestyle.

  • Who qualifies for Assisted Living?
  • If everyday activities such as meal preparation, dressing or managing medications sap your energy and steal your enthusiasm, but you do not need skilled nursing care, reach for the helping hand of Assisted Living at Covenant Living at the Holmstad. We help residents who:

    • Need assistance in an unpredictable time frame
    • Need assistance with activities of daily living
    • Are capable of getting up and out of bed without the assistance of more than one person
  • Who determines the proper transition plan should a resident need to move to another level in the Continuum of Care?
  • This is a collaborative effort with the resident, family and staff. Residents and families typically make the decision to move through the continuum as needs increase.

  • Who qualifies for Skilled Nursing?
  • Covenant Living at the Holmstad offers Skilled Nursing services to residents who are fully dependent on care needs or during a short-term stay for Rehabilitation.

  • What is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)?
  • Independent living residences offer a maintenance-free lifestyle. Should your needs change over time, a continuing care retirement community gives you the confidence of knowing long-term care is available on site at predictable costs. We offer a range of levels of care for financial security and peace of mind.

Health Care & Medicine FAQs
  • Who is primarily responsible for health care and medical services at Covenant Living at the Holmstad?
  • The costs of health care and medical services are the responsibility of each resident. You maintain the physicians you choose, although we can help you navigate complicated health care programs. Our Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living residences accept most Long-Term Care insurance policies.

  • What level of care is provided in the independent living residences?
  • You have the ability to hire in-home health care services in your residence. We partner with CovenantCare at Home to provide home health care, should the need arise.

  • How does my Primary Care Physician fit into my healthcare program at Covenant Living at the Holmstad?
  • You can continue to use your primary care physician. However, if your needs change—making it more difficult to visit your physician—we have several who visit the campus. 

  • What happens if a resident requires hospitalization?
  • You can continue to use your primary care physician. However, if your needs change—making it more difficult to visit your physician—we have several who visit the campus. If you are admitted to Michealsen, you may use one of the physicians that comes to Michealsen.

  • Is there a pharmacy at Covenant Living at the Holmstad?
  • We contract with an agency to provide this service to our residents.

  • How does medical insurance coverage work at Covenant Living at the Holmstad?
  • Everyone’s coverage is different. We recommend calling your provider to see what type of health care services are covered.

  • Are there any Social Service offerings or programming at Covenant Living at the Holmstad?
  • Yes, we offer a variety of programs. Informative seminars are offered throughout the year on various health care topics. We try to work with residents to support their changing needs.

Sales Process FAQs
  • If I am interested in living at Covenant Living at the Holmstad, where should I begin and who can help me through this process?
  • Contact the Sales Department at 877-420-5046 to schedule a personal appointment and tour. Our dedicated sales representatives are trained to help you explore your options for retirement living and guide you through the process. Our sales team will help you assess your individual needs, based on the continuum of care. 

  • What kind of contracts does Covenant Living at the Holmstad offer and what's included in my contract?
  • We offer several residency agreement options, with varying entrance fee provisions, to meet residents’ personal and estate goals. Health Care days are calculated at the base rate for Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing with no increase in the prevailing residential monthly fee. After the benefit period, the prevailing rate for either base rate assisted living or skilled nursing is discounted 10%. Options include:

    • Standard (60 Health Care days and 10% discount)
    • Refundable (90% refunded)
    • 30 Day (30 Health Care days and no discounts)
    • Monthly (No entrance fee but high monthly fee) 
    • Monthly (Based on 30 day notice to vacate, only at Catered Living)
  • Once I select an apartment and contract, what is the next step?
  • The sales team walks everyone through the process of preparing for a move to the campus. We have several resources available to prospects to assist them with their move.

  • How long is the contract process? How quickly am I able to move into my new apartment within your community?
  • The contract process only takes an hour. You can move into the community after completing the application process. Some choices of finishes may take longer to complete.

  • What if I am unable or not ready to move in immediately?
  • Typically, most residents move in between 90 to 180 days. If a longer time frame is needed, please talk to the sales rep about your particular circumstances.

Financial Planning FAQs
  • Can I or a loved one afford living at Covenant Living at the Holmstad?
  • We offer a number of affordable options. Please visit us to learn about our community before you decide it’s not financially possible. Our sales reps will help you understand the qualification criteria. In addition, we offer a rental facility as an alternative.

  • Are any of the required fees to live at Covenant Living at the Holmstad tax-deductible?
  • Yes, property taxes are tax deductible each year. The first year of occupancy, your health care days, depending on your contract type, may be tax deductible. All residents should consult their income tax advisor.

  • What are the major differences among the three contracts offered at Covenant Living at the Holmstad in terms of fees and included services?
  • The contracts differ in how Health Care costs are paid in the future, as well as whether you want a refund of the entrance fee.

  • How do I choose the contract that is right for me?
  • Our sales staff will walk you through the contracts. They will show you the best solution to help you qualify.

Food & Dining FAQs
  • What is the Choice Dining Program and how does it work?
  • Choice Dining is the dining program for residential living, designed to offer residents a wide variety of options. Each resident is allocated $12 a day to spend at our dining venues, included in the contract. Residents have the ability to downsize the program for a small credit applied to their monthly fee. We are happy to accommodate your dining wishes at all levels of care.

  • What if I prefer to pick-up my meal?
  • Absolutely, you may pick up by calling ahead or stopping by the Bistro and placing an order to go. We are also happy to deliver meals for a small charge.

Lifestyle & Activities FAQs
  • What is there to do once I make the move to Covenant Living at the Holmstad? Will I remain active?
  • Yes, our campus offers a variety of programs for residents. Programming on campus is developed through collaboration with residents, and is focused on their interest and desires.

  • How do residents at Covenant Living at the Holmstad find out about activities, programming and upcoming events?
  • We offer a quarterly brochure that outlines the big activities taking place over the month. Our monthly calendar, distributed each month, informs residents about events, meals and other important information that is important to them. We also offer a weekly calendar with a daily programming schedule.

  • Are there religious activities I can choose to participate in?
  • Yes, we offer a Sunday night vespers service along with many other bible studies and worship gatherings throughout the week. We also have Catholic Mass service available.

  • Does Covenant Living at the Holmstad offer any type of exercise or wellness classes?
  • Yes, we offer a variety of exercise and wellness classes. If there is something of interest that we do not offer, we find out if there is a large enough interest among others in the community to consider starting a new program.

  • Does Covenant Living at the Holmstad have any other specific indoor recreation rooms?
  • We have an indoor pool, sauna and steam room.

  • Do you have any location on campus for outdoor recreation?
  • We do have some open grassy areas for outside activities, if needed.

  • Does Covenant Living at the Holmstad have a library on campus?
  • Yes, our library is located in the Commons building with a computer room.

  • What about those who have visual impairments? Do you have programming available on campus for them?
  • Yes, we have a reading machine to help with this need and a low-vision group on campus.

  • What creative arts (painting, sketching, drawing, etc.) programming do you offer residents on campus?
  • We offer a wide variety of opportunities, including many types of classes within our creative arts program. There is an entire room dedicated to these activities.

  • Why should I make the move with my spouse to your community now?
  • Think about the future for you and your spouse if something should happen to you. Our community offers peace of mind just knowing your needs will be met and support will be there. Why not enjoy the rest of your life living at a vibrant community, doing what you want to do? Take the burden and stress of home maintenance out of your life and put the energy into spending time with your spouse or family.

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