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Financial Advantages
  • Financial Advantages
  • Continuing care retirement at Covenant Living at the Holmstad, located near Chicago, Illinois, ensures that if your needs expand the services you need will be provided by the community you know and trust.

    Covenant Living at the Holmstad Pricing Advantages

    • Freedom from the burden of maintaining a home
    • Flexible financial plans
    • Discounted health care costs
    • Tax benefits associated with entrance fee and monthly fees

    We offer several options for financing this lifetime security, including standard, refundable and monthly residency agreements. You can choose the plan that’s the best fit for your personal, financial, charitable and estate goals. Entrance fees start at $92,400; monthly fees start at $1,425. Fees vary by the types of services and style of residence selected.

    Pricing may vary from what is listed on this site.

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